Eric Choquette is a Grade 12 student at Churchill Community High School. He is a member of the football and basketball teams. He plans to either play football at a post-secondary school or enlist in the military when he graduates from CCHS. He was recently selected to be a member of the Nissan All-Canadian TITAN football team. Below are his thoughts about what makes his school and his community great!


What are some of your favourite places to spend time in La Ronge?

Probably at Growing Young Movers, it’s a program where you get to help kids out after school and show them how to play sports and stuff, it’s pretty fun. To see them happy, it’s really awesome. And I like to go to school. I like to do sports, like football, I go to SMVS for Grizzly Wrestling which is pretty cool. I go to the shelter a little bit, to donate food. That’s pretty much it, I just hang out with friends and stuff.

What would your perfect hangout place include, if you could make a community hangout place?

Little activities, homework, stuff you could do after school. Maybe sports that you could do after homework.

If the community could join together in a cause, what cause would you like it to be?

I really liked the Terry Fox Run we did, I thought it was pretty good. Everyone was decent and contributed food. I think we should do more like the Terry Fox Run.

What do you consider yourself a master of, or what are you very good at?

I think football. I don’t know, I really like football and I think I’m decent at it. It’s a sport that I think I stand out in.

If you could take lessons in anything, what would you want to learn?

Drumming, I’d like to learn drumming. It looks really cool. My sister plays drums and it looks really fun.

Big or small, what things do you think make the school or the community a great place?

For the school I think everyone around the school is just so nice, everyone is talking to each other all the time and contributing to things, helping each other out with assignments and just being nice all around which is awesome!


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