Student Support Services

CCHS is committed to encouraging positive and healthy growth of students through holistic practices that foster the whole child. We have two school counselors who are available through appointment or drop in sessions in their offices located in the community school area by the servery. Their role is to help support students through trying times in their lives including mental health and addictions struggles, accessing housing or community supports, goal setting, and healthy living.

We are very fortunate to have an agreement with the local health authority to offer medical doctor appointments bi-weekly in the school health wing. Students in grades 8 and above are able to make an appointment by calling the health clinic or drop in on the day of the clinic, students in grade 7 must have a parent/guardian accompany them. CCHS is also able to assist families in setting up community supports such as mental health and addictions services or live to work programs upon request.

Items such as first aid supplies and hygiene products are also available by request at the main office or with the Student Support Workers and Social Workers.

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