Community School Mission

   To encourage meaningful connections between students and community members and to encourage open communication between peers.

   To instill confidence in students to try new things, in spite of a potential to fail, that will have implications about pursuing interests without fear of failure in the future.

   To offer students the experience to try new things, and provide new learning opportunities- either by personally teaching them or by contacting the right people in the community who can offer different insights. With focus on activities that fall under one of the following categories (What I call, The Four A’s): Community & Cultural Awareness, Providing volunteer opportunities to foster Altruism, Promoting Physical Activity & Engaging students with the Arts.

   To show them, through their participation in these activities, the importance of cooperation, compassion, patience with one another and the value of being part of a community.

   We all benefit from a wealth of collective knowledge and new ideas and find encouragement and support when pursuing individual and common goals when we can work together.

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