Garage Band 10L

Welcome to the most rocking class in high school. Be prepared to have your mind blown, your faces melted, and your socks rocked off. This class is going to open your mind to a whole new life of music! In order to sign up for this class, you must have some musical knowledge and/or a willingness to learn quickly! This is an intense course that requires lots of practise in and outside of the classroom. Only motivated individuals should sign up for this class as you will have to organize and perform 2 live concerts!

Garage Band 20L

Students will further refine their rock ensemble while composing music to perform. Students will develop a set of music that includes both cover tunes that suit course learning objectives and their own songs. Students will be required to put on public performances of several original and covered songs for a paying audience. Students will also leave the course with the skills necessary to further pursue playing in garage bands. Students will also be exposed to the ways musicians today need to network and advertise themselves on the internet.

Personal Fitness 30L

This Physical Education course is an elective for any student looking for an additional P.E. credit beyond Wellness 10 and PE 20/30. It provides a platform to develop physical literacy within a curriculum that is not sport related. Personal Fitness 30 works on student’s confidence, physical fitness knowledge all within a safe and productive atmosphere. This course focuses on individual goals and training while introducing new methods of exercise during the year.

Northern Lifestyles 10L, 20L, and 30L

Course Goals

The aim of this course is to develop skills specific to Northern Saskatchewan and our environment. The lifestyles of the people in Northern Saskatchewan, both Indigenous and non- reflects and defines their identity. Students will focus on learning about, preserving, maintaining and enhancing a unique way of life which is still practised by the people of Northern Saskatchewan. The outcome of this course will be students with an understanding and appreciation of a variety of Northern activities and contemporary issues. Through experiential opportunities, students will become active participants and citizens in a culturally diverse, interdependent world.


The activities and lifestyles of Northern people revolve around the seasons; therefore we will be exploring the myriad of activities performed specifically during each season of the school year. Every class is designed with student participation in all activities in mind. Each activity is interconnected to the whole of this course. Students will be evaluated on learning outcomes through participation, journaling, major projects and certification quizzes.

Experiential learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom walls. Be advised and prepared for a variety of activities. Resource people will be invited to join and enhance the curriculum. Trips out of class require students to: dress for all types of weather, may call for students to return after regular school hours, even overnight or on a weekend. Representing to return after regular school hours, even overnight or on a weekend. Representing oneself, one’s family, the class and our school in a good way, with respect, is a fundamental expectation for success.

Cree 10, 20, 30

The aim of each Cree language class is to develop functional speakers and writers of the Cree language. Each class incorporates the Dr. Greymorning language acquisition method. The local “th” dialect is used with the standard Roman orthography writing system.

French 10

Communication is the main objective of the Core French Program. Using a thematic approach, communication and language skills are taught with a focus on the needs and interest of the students in the class.

Nurturing Family Development 10L, 20L, 30L

The aim of this course is to develop and competent students who understand, appreciate and apply a nurturing parent/child relationship throughout life. Focus of study will be self-awareness and self-esteem, parenting and child development, healthy relationships, life after high school, budgeting and financial literacy, exercise and nutrition, rights and responsibilities of parents, accessing services within the community, self-advocacy and leadership, stress and anger management, reproductive health, mental wellness and promotion of early literacy practices, secure attachment and brain and language development.

Digital Citizenship 10L

This course provides students the opportunity to build and understand their skills, rights, knowledge and experience as a digital citizen. Students will be introduced to the nine elements of of digital citizenship, social media and professional existence online. Students will be exposed to online existence throughout the course, experience real case studies of teens who have experienced both the positive and negative aspects that can be found in being a digital citizen today.

Mental Health and Addictions 10L

This course will teach students to identify healthy mental health, issues, disorders, their contributing factors and resources. In addition, the students will understand the risks associated with loss of culture, impact of Indian Residential School and how these impact their daily lifestyle. The goal is to educate students about mental health issues and disorders including addictions. With this adequate information on different mental health issues and the ongoing support the students will be encouraged to make positive decisions that will benefit their well-being.

Musical Theatre 30L

The aim of Musical Theatre is to incorporate multiple facets of the preforming arts including dialogue, music, acting, singing, dancing and stage production. It allows students to foster an appreciation for the form and a work towards amateur and professional careers in the industry. This will be achieved through working on a musical production from auditions, publicity, set construction to a live performance in front of an audience.

Journalism 20L

This course is designed to introduce students to the idea of journalism: defining journalism, understanding how it works and its role in modern society. While much of journalism has changed coming into the 21st century, there are still basic tenets that hold true today. The aims of this course are two-fold: to understand and recognize the attributes of good journalism, and to put them into practice in a variety of mediums. To that end, much of this course will be based around actual production of stories in various formats: interviews, feature journalism, online content, etc.. We will speak with professionals in the field of journalism in order to better understand the challenges facing journalists today. By the end of the course, students will have assembled a portfolio of work that they can reflect upon and critique with an eye towards constant improvement and growth.

For more information about available courses, please contact:

Marian Andrews– Career Guidance

306 425 2255 ext. 236 

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