Attendance Services

Churchill has a proactive process of helping students and parents/guardians stay aware of attendance.  The Student Support Workers review attendance daily and mail notifications home when required.  Parents can contact the Student Support Workers (425-2255) for up-to-date attendance.  Meetings with students and parents will be arranged when required.

Please note:  Attendance at school is the responsibility of the student and family concerned.


PowerSchool provides online access to student’s attendance and class information such as assignments and marks. Contact the office to get set up to receive this service.

Attendance Process

CCHS has developed a plan of action related to student attendance issues.  The processes developed are locally approved by the School Community Council and the Parent Council and are governed by our school goals; caring, communication, quality, responsibility.

When young people experience attendance difficulties it is our expectation that a therapeutic process is initiated.  Many factors contribute to student absenteeism and it is essential that the mechanisms used to identify and react take many things into consideration and identify an individualized plan of action.  Attendance is essentially the responsibility of the individual student and parent/guardian.  As a result, any action plan or intervention strategy must involve these integral stakeholders as a matter of course.  It should not be forgotten however, that there is also a responsibility of this school when related to student attendance.  A vital program based on student input and needs, a caring personal relationship between staff, student and family are a pre-requisite for young people wanting to attend school.  With the above in mind, Churchill Community High School uses two stated approaches related separately to the Middle Years and Secondary student groupings.

Middle Years Attendance (Grades 7-9)

Teachers record student absences.  Parent/guardians will be notified during the day of the absence if no notification has been called in by the parent/guardian.  Parents/guardians must provide medical proof of absence for extended illness beyond three (3) days to the general office.  Middle years has an extensive procedure to deal with chronic absenteeism.

Excusable absences must be verified within two days by a parent/guardian.

The school may ask for verification of absences if there seems to be a problem occurring.

 Secondary Attendance (Grades 10-12)

Students who miss eight classes (inexcusable absences) in any one class may choose, upon consultation with the senior vice principal to withdraw from that class for the remainder of the semester.  Negotiating attendance contracts, or action plans to improve a student’s attendance must be completed with one of the counsellors prior to reaching seven inexcusable absences.  Communication with parents occurs when students have 2, 4, and 6 inexcusable absences.  Any student who has an accumulated number of excusable and inexcusable absences exceeding 16 may not be given credit for that class at the end of the semester.

*Excusable absences MUST be phoned in within 2 days of the absence to the Grade 7 – 9 or Grade 10 – 12 Student Support Workers.

Students in grades 10-12 are encouraged to carry a minimum of 4 courses per semester.  Exceptions include:

  1. a) Course load requirements for Grade 12 may be less than 4 per semester.
  2. b) Special appeal is granted by Mr. Tomporowski. The appeal may be related to family situations or work related concerns.

Attendance Profiles may be requested at our School Office at any time.

Please Contact Kennedy Mckenzie:

306.425.2255 ext. 820511

Please Contact Clara Sanderson:

306.425.2255 ext. 820510

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