By: Sky Nelson

On Saturday March 10, Gordon Denny Community School hosted a Basketball tournament. GDCS’ 7th annual basketball tournament participants included the GDCS Grizzlies, Pre-Cam Panthers, and SMVS Huskies. The event was arranged and carried out by Kyle Faulkner, who has taught and coached basketball at GDCS for seven years.

Faulkner said that the thing he enjoys most about coaching is seeing a player’s skills and confidence grow throughout a game. He also said that “good sportsmanship to opponents and teammates, no matter if your team is winning or losing” is the key to having both a successful and respectful tournament in any sport.  

This year both Gordon Denny teams, the A team and the B team, made it into the finals. The score of the game was a close 14-12 for the B team. As the coach of both teams, Faulkner said that winning isn’t the most important thing, but he knows how hard his players have worked all season and that he’s proud of the performance of both teams.

A spectator of the game, Jaxon Toth said that his favorite part of the tournament was at the end of one game, where a player from the SMVS team took a full court shot at the buzzer and won that game for his team. He said “It was very exciting to watch, I had never seen that happen in person before.”

Even though both GDCS teams had won the tournament this year, one of the referees of the tournament Tyanna Mahoney said “the players are very young and still have a lot to learn about teamwork. But they show a lot of potential, and love for the sport.”

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