Academic Requirements (Senior Years)

Division IV Graduation Requirements:

Regular Program – 24 Credit Policy

Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12 Adult 12
Minimum 8 Credits


Compulsory Courses:

English Language Arts

A10 & B10


Social Studies

10, History 10, or Native Studies 10


Science 10, Workplace &
Apprentice. Mathematics 10

Math 10


3 electives at level 10 or higher



Minimum 16 Credits


Compulsory Courses:
English Language Arts 20

Mathematics 20


6 additional elective credits level 20 or 30

Minimum 24 Credits ( 5 of which must be 30 level)


Compulsory Courses:

English Language Arts A30 & B30

Mathematics 30


A Canadian Studies 30, Social Studies 30, History 30 or Native Studies 30


A Science 20 or 30

A Social Science 20 or 30


2 credits in arts education or practical and applied arts at level 10, 20 or 30


Wellness10, Phys Ed 20 or 30

Minimum 7 Credits


Compulsory Courses:
English Language Arts A30

English Language Arts B30

Mathematics 30


Canadian Studies 30

A Mathematics 20 or 30


A Science 20 or 30


2 electives at level 30


A tentative graduation list is posted in October. Following the third reporting period in April a review of students’ grades will be examined. Students holding a 50% or higher grade will be included on the graduation list. Another review of students’ grades will be examined on June 1. Students holding a 50% or higher grade will be included on the graduation list if they have sufficient courses for matriculation. The final list will be drafted after exams are completed. All families of grade 12 students will be contacted from April on regarding the grad list. In addition, a student may not be allowed participation in the graduation ceremony if they have not passed their classes after final exams.

Report Periods/Communication:

We have two formal Open House opportunities where parents/guardians are invited to come in and meet teachers, socialize, look at schoolwork and discuss report cards. Phone calls are encouraged and welcomed at any time throughout the school year.

As well teachers are expected to contact parents/guardians on an ongoing basis to keep them informed of student progress.  Teachers are expected to contact all parents/guardians by phone prior to an Open House.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact teachers on an ongoing basis.  Progress/reports may be requested at any time of year.

Students should be discussing their school progress with teachers continually

High School Examinations:

Compulsory Examinations (must write)

  • Grade 10         English A10, Social Studies 10, one of the Math 10’s, Science 10
  • Grade 11         English 20, One of the Math 20’s, One level 20 Science (choice of student)
  • Grade 12         One level 30 English, One level 30 Science, One level 30 Social Studies / History 30 / Native Studies 30, One of the Math 30’s (Students choice, where applicable)

Final examinations will be weighted no greater than 30%.  The classroom instructor will provide the evaluation breakdown at the beginning of the course.

Departmental exams are weighted 40% of the final grade.

Subjects other than English, Math, Sciences, and Social Sciences may not have scheduled exams.

Recommend Policy

* This policy is based on the expectation that high school classes will have a cumulative final (exam, formal project or interview/portfolio).

* Recommends are earned on a class by class basis based on attendance, academics and behaviour and are at teacher discretion.

Eligibility criteria


* A student must have no more than 3 unexcused absences

* A student must have no more than 8 total absences (excluding school approved placements (D code))

* 3 lates count as 1 absence (we understand that due to the size of the school some classes are difficult to arrive to on time. This statement is based on the common practice of giving students an extra minute or two when the teacher knows students have a legitimate reason)


* Students must achieve an average of 80% or higher over term 1 and 2

* Students must not have any outstanding assignments or zeros

* Students caught plagiarizing are not eligible for a recommend in that class

* In a French Immersion setting students must make a continual effort to speak French. (Teachers will make contact with parents/guardians via phone, email or report card comments if a student is not making this effort.)


* Students who have received a suspension will not be eligible for any recommends that semester.

Required exams

Students must write the final for the following courses

English Language Arts

* ELA A10(A11)

* ELA B10(B11)

* ELA 20(21)

* ELA A30(A31)

* ELA B30(B31)


* First class out of Workplace & Apprenticeship Math 10 or Foundations of Math/Pre Calculus 10

* First class out of Workplace & Apprenticeship Math 20 or Foundations of Math 20 or Pre Calculus 20

* First class out of Workplace & Apprenticeship Math 30 or Foundations of Math 30, Pre Calculus 30 or Calc 30


The first class out of Physical Science 20, Environmental Science 20, Health Science 20, Computer Science 20

The first class out of Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, Earth Science 30, Computer Science 30

Social Sciences

* First class out of History 10(11), Native Studies 10, or Social Studies 10

* First class out of History 30(31) Native Studies 30 or Social Studies 30

PAA and Visual Arts

* Due to the modular nature of these courses they often don’t include a final

* Teachers who teach any other class offered at CCHS can have a final exam and will upon consulting with administration decide if recommendations are an option.


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