By Hayden Penney

Interview Transcript Below:

Hayden Penney: Explain to me, what makes you, you? 

Carson Haydukewich: Well, really it’s just every night I go to sleep and I think what can I do tomorrow to make myself a better person, and more ‘me’.

What do you like about the performing arts?

…I just love to make people laugh and I love to make people cry. I just like to make people feel anything and it makes me happy to do that.

So you’re here performing [in] a play today and you’re also in [web series] The School, what made you get into the entertainment business? 

Well, I was approached by the director and writer of The School- and lead actor, he really does quite a bit for the show- and he said to me: Carson, do you want to be a star and I replied: Yes I do, yes I do. And that’s what got me here today.

Why do you feel the performing arts are important for today’s culture and people? 

I think it’s really important because, you know, laughter is the best medicine. Everyone needs laughter, everyone needs joy in their lives and I love to bring that to people and I love to bring happiness to people.

Are you feeling the nerves today, on your performance day?

No. You always get that little nerve buzz when you’re about to perform and that’s just- I’m feeling the normal amount, you know, I’m feeling the average amount.

Carson continues to entertain. He [and some cast mates] will be taking [their] play on tour this Spring. 


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