By: Vince Divinagracia

On Friday March 29th and Saturday March 30th the Annual Alumni Tournament was hosted at Churchill Community High School.

The first game kicked off with the Senior Boys basketball team beating the Junior Boys 70-28. In the second game the alumni team won against the coaches, 72-46, and in the 3rd game the alumni team lost against the Senior Boys in overtime, with a final score of 75-72.

The last game of the night had the coaches playing the Junior Boys, the coaches won 60-52.

The next morning the Senior Boys started off their game by scoring first and eventually winning 53-39 against the coaches. Next game the coaches won against the Junior Boys with a score of 66-34 taking third place.

In the final game of the tournament the Alumni team faced off against the Senior Boys where the alumni team won the championship 58-55. 

Wyatt Miller, one of the Senior Boys said, “[It was] a bad loss… but stuff happens, you know?”

“It’s hard playing against the Senior boys,” said Bryson McKay, a member of the alumni team, “but we had a good defense in the fourth [quarter]”.

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