By: Joseph Ratt

The Churchill Chargers Cheerleaders traveled to Warman from March 2nd to 4th for the 12th Annual Warman Cheer Classic. They ended up claiming 8th place.

The competition features school and club teams from across Saskatchewan competing at different levels. Warman Cheer Classic Organizer Susan Bayne said planning for “next year’s [Warman Cheer Classic] is already in progress, so it overlaps”.

Bayne said host team, Warman Ultimate Cheerleading,  “works with the cheer coaches by making sure they feel comfortable”.

Caitlin Doiron, the coach of the Chargers said “every practice, the team is working hard.”

The road to this competition was not an easy one for the Chargers. Most of the teams began practicing in October but the Chargers only began practicing in late November. Additionally, the Charger’s uniforms didn’t arrive in time for the competition, so they had wear all black. Even with the setbacks, the Chargers still performed very well.

Doiron said, “I think there [was some] first competition jitters, for about five of our athletes it’s their first time [performing] … overall, I think it went well. When a stunt didn’t hit, [the team] pushed through.”

Ashley Stratton, a six year veteran of the Chargers cheer team said while performing, “you don’t know if it’s your sweat or your tears so you just keep on going”.

Way to go, Churchill Charger Cheerleaders!

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