General Rules


1)   Students/staff are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates mutual respect and cooperation.

2)   Every person in the school has the responsibility to be prepared and respectful during classes.

3)   We value the school environment and ask that staff / students have indoor footwear to use in school, including the gym.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are to be turned off and placed in a backpack or purse or given to the teacher during class time.  Absolutely no phone calls or text messaging is to occur during class time.  Students who do not follow these guidelines will forfeit their phone to a Vice-Principal for the day and may not be permitted to have cell phones with them during class in the future.


The above behaviours are not permitted at school, on school property or on school functions or trips.  Staff and administration will deal with any infraction.  Parents/caregivers will be notified.

Use of Lockers & Desks

The Board of Education adopts the view that school lockers and desks remain the property of the school. If the principal has evidence or justification that a student may possess any illicit spirits, drugs or any materials, the principal has the right to search.

Dress Policy

How we dress and behave sends messages about us to others. We want people to have enough freedom to express their own personality and at the same time recognize that we want to send positive messages to others including the community in which we live and serve. The bottom line is common sense, sensitivity to others, and the good health and safety of all.  The dress code in the school reflects what is acceptable in comparative places in our society (e.i.  The workplace). We ask students and staff to respect these basic guidelines provided by the staff, students and parents at Churchill Community High School.

  • no underwear showing
  • no belly or back showing
  • no cleavage
  • no short shorts
  • nothing illegal, obscene or promoting tobacco, alcohol or drugs

Students are encouraged to leave all outerwear in their lockers when they are in attendance at school.  Students may be asked to remove hats in classrooms or other areas of the school.  Hoods and bandanas may not be worn in the school in any location.

When students are wearing clothing in violation of the dress code, they will be asked to cover up with a jacket or t-shirt or go home to change.

Lost Items

There is a lost and found located in the staff room.  Students are expected to report to a staff member to assist them in locating their lost items.  All unclaimed lost and found items will be donated at the end of each semester to good will.

Noon Hour Policy

CCHS utilizes Staff to provide noon-hour supervision for students.  Noon hour intramurals and study areas are provided.  Students who are not cooperative during noon hour will be denied the service and parents/guardians informed.


CCHS & NLSD grounds are designated smoke-free (Ministry of Saskatchewan).  This includes extra-curricular and community events.  Students not co-operating with the school’s smoking rule will be warned once and may be given a suspension if infractions continue to occur.

Drugs and Alcohol

Use/abuse of drugs and alcohol in school, at school functions, on school-sponsored educational/recreational/sports trips is not permitted and is dealt with by the administration and counselling staff.

Student Dances

Dances are co-ordinated by the in-school administration.  Groups can appeal to the in-school administration for special dances.  Groups organizing a dance are required to have a minimum of four parents and four teachers for supervision.  All supervised areas (i.e.: hallways, gym, coat check, outside area etc.) need to be filled for the duration of the dance.  A designated set-up and clean-up committee are also required.

Dance Rules

  1. No purses, backpacks, jackets or outdoor footwear allowed in the gym
  2. Consumption of alcohol before or during the dance is not tolerated. (Breath alcohol tester on site)
  3. Once you are in the dance you must stay in. If you do leave you cannot come back in.
  4. Students cannot arrive to the dance later than the posted late time unless prior arrangements have been made to be placed on the late list.
  5. Students may invite one guest to a dance. These guests must be placed on the guest list 24 hrs prior to the dance. You are responsible for your guest’s behaviour and you must arrive and leave with your guest.
  6. You have to show your student card in order to be admitted into the dance. Dances are extensions of school activities therefore you are responsible to the school for your behaviour.
  7. Students with poor school attendance may be prohibited from dances upon teacher recommendation

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